Your Vote is Magic!

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“Your Vote is Magic!” by Lyn Dillies is an extremely relevant book as we are nearing our next big election in 2016.  While her book mostly centers on the illusion of an elephant and a donkey, Lyn provides a very interesting history of voting in the United States.

Lyn has a well-earned reputation for creating innovative magic – one of the tools that helped her raise voting awareness was the massive-scale illusion involving the “mascots” of the two political parties. In the illusion, Lyn produced a live elephant and a live donkey, out of thin air, before an audience of a thousand people in an open field, in one minute flat. One can see this jaw-dropping illusion at

During her presentation, she described the process of creating an illusion and for the message of how important the right to vote is, and why it should always be exercised – it’s a fusion of illusion and reality.

Part of her endeavor is a 167-page paperback book she wrote called, ‘Your Vote Is Magic!’ Listening to Lyn, one can learn how it all happened and why. She speaks about her early love of magic and why she is so passionate about empowering voters.

She focuses on why voting is so important, how it impacts our everyday lives, and that every vote really does matter.

“The heart of magic is transformation – and nothing in American society is more transformative than an election. And when an election’s outcome is close, it underscores the truth that every vote really counts.”

Your Vote Is Magic – The Illusion from Lyn Dillies on Vimeo.

Her session includes:

1. Voting history.

2. Provocative quotes about voting from famous folk.

3. Whimsical archival political cartoons.

4. An absorbing review of the successful woman’s suffrage movement.

“Many Americans have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend and preserve the right to vote – and we honor their memories when we exercise that right. I sincerely hope that my book raises people’s awareness of voting as a sacred privilege.”

Lyn Dillies – Illusionist, Magician and Political Author