True Colors


True Colors for Corporations and Organizations

Are you Analytical or adventurous? Into Relationships or Responsibility? During this session we’ll spend time on learning about our own temperament and how it affects our behavior in our organizations. This tool serves to develop our self-awareness so that we can employ the right approaches at the right times in order to be our most effective and successful in leadership, team, and organizational settings. Come prepared to learn about yourself, those with whom you work, and how our style sometimes dictates why we lead and live the way we do.

True Colors for Students, Parents and Faculty in Educational Settings

Understanding Temperament to Maintain and Further our Successful Relationships!

Come join us for some fun and exploration. As your high school senior turns into a college student, what better time for families to gain some deeper understanding of each other! Believe it or not, during this interactive session, you’re going to gain some new insights about yourself, your family, and your college student. Some of the issues that will surface include: communicating with our students while they’re on campus, discussing some of the challenging things your student will learn at their college and the exciting challenge of staying “close to but apart from” your student.

What are your True Colors?