Team Development

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Team Building and Team Development

Working Better Together: Manners Bring Out the Best

Feel like the proverbial “bull in a china shop?” Does “what fork to use” leave you skipping dinner? During our session we’ll look at “manners” and “etiquette” in a different way – moving it from something “they” do “in Connecticut” to something you’ll use to be a more effective, efficient and productive employee in the Union and a more confident and relaxed person entering your chosen profession. Using Letitia Baldrige’s Guide to Executive Manners as a foundation we’ll make time to explore your questions as well. Be prepared for some laughter and learning!

Fall into the Gap

Join us for a workshop that will take us on a journey of organizational improvement. First we’ll look at today – our current pressing issues. Then we’ll look at tomorrow – our vision of what we really want! Together, we’ll fill the gap between what is and what could be with concrete actions that will improve our ability to retain members and delegate meaningful work to lighten the load and improve our results.

Take Advantage

Does your organization need some support? Need some new ideas, some new directions, or some new energy? Come and have some one-on-organization time with a consultant who spends time at over fifty different colleges and universities each year. You’ll find an enthusiastic supporter, a listening ear and a dedicated problem solver who’s willing to partner with you to improve your organization – and help you fill your own leadership “tool box!”

CUKOO Collaboration

Join us for an interactive session in which you’ll be part of a design team charged with saving a delicate object. After your team submits its project for testing we’ll look at five ways your group worked together in order to achieve its goals. This session will highlight, in a memorable way, the actions required for successful collaboration that will form a foundation for building excellent coalitions. Come prepared for fun, laughter, and some real learning!

Delegation and Retention

Do you believe that “if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself?” If so, attend this session as we’re going to explore the key importance of delegation as a leadership skill and task management tool. We’ll cover how trusting members, giving them important and meaningful work to do, and following up with them to teach them what they need to know ends up in keeping them involved. That’s right! Delegation leads to retention . . . and a healthier, happier, long-lasting organization.