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Educational and Corporate Orientation Speakers

In life, we have many new beginnings. New beginnings can bring anxiety, a new sense of purpose, greater responsibilities, lifestyle changes and more. We want to help your students, parents, staff, employees or management make the transition a seamlessly as possible. Our speakers have numerous orientation presentations that can help students and parents with the transitions of high school and college, staff members who will be beginning a new and exciting school year, faculty with new departmental challenges, sales teams that need product and service training or organizational training in basic customer service skills.

Orientations can be broken into two groups:

Educational Orientation

High School Orientation

  • freshman who are entering high school for the first time
  • seniors who will be navigating life choices between college, trade school, military or work

College and Parent Orientations

  • freshman entering college with issues that include living away from home, living with a roommate(s), too much free time, class and study habits….(and the list goes on!)
  • parents having children leave for the first time, helicopter habits, empty nesters and realistic expectations

Staff Orientations

  • High School – teaching staff who will be starting the school year with district goals and individual school expectations
  • College – new staff, college or university goals and departmental expectation

Corporate Orientation

  • New Business – your staff needs a general orientation for new products and services, customer service and corporate policy
  • New Employees – company expectations, human resources, customer service, corporate policy and notice
  • Products or Service – Sales, leadership, motivation and customer service components

Leadership Speakers for Educational and Corporate Orientations