Leadership Speakers for Corporate and Educational Training


FUN Team

Fun Enterprises would like to formally roll out their newest addition – Fun Enterprises Speakers. You are probably asking yourself, why the new website? Well, over the past two years, FUN has been growing its speaker series.

Leadership Speakers for Corporate and Educational Training

About 5 years ago, FUN Enterprises contracted with Michael Miller as a Leadership Speaker and Consultant. Michael speaks in the college and corporate markets on topics based around leadership, customer service, goal setting, conflict resolution and communication. Recently, Michael became a Certified True Colors Facilitator.

In 2013, FUN added Michele McPhee, a nationally recognized journalist and author. As an investigative reporter, she has covered topics on Whitey Bulger, Neil Entwistle, The Craigslist Killer and the Boston Marathon Bombing. She was in New York City reporting during 9-11. She speaks about being at catastrophic national events and investigating the individuals behind the madness.

In 2014, FUN brought on another speaker, Topher Hamblett. Topher is the Founder of the Foundation for West Africa. Their mission is to support the people of West Africa in their endeavor to achieve lasting peace and prosperity. Sierra Leone and Liberia have been hit hard with the Ebola outbreaks and the foundation works with the core needs of these regions: accountable governance, human rights, literacy, health care, and sustainable economic development. He speaks about corporate social responsibility.

As their schedules have grown, FUN felt it necessary to create a platform for their speakers that highlighted their speaking talents in the college and corporate market. In September of 2014, FUN started building a new website and have since expanded the areas of speaking and training.

Today, they have added four more speakers in the areas of civic duty, branding, mindfulness and productivity. FUN was finding that groups and organizations had a multiple list of training and development needs.  As FUN speakers helped organizations with skill strategies in one area, they were looking for assistance in other areas.

By adding…

1. Lyn Dillies, an internationally known illusionist and author, who combines magic with her love of politics.

2. Beth Williamson Ruse, who speaks about mindfulness and stress relief, teaches strategies for learning how to manage stress.

3. Tricia White, who speaks on marketing, weaves personal and corporate branding into successful engagement strategies.

4. Tamara Myles is a productivity expert who teaches people how to organize their life and work for better effectiveness.

With these additions, FUN Enterprises Speakers wants to be your one stop shop for corporate and educational training and consulting.

For more information, please contact us at 781-436-3537 and ask to speak with Ken Abrahams.