March is Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. Established in 1981, this month pays tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society. 

(From left to right: Tamara Myles, Beth Williamson Ruse, Michele McPhee, Lyn Dillies and Tricia White)

FUN Speakers, Beth Ruse, Tamara Myles, Tricia White, Lyn Dillies, Michele McPhee

We would like to introduce you to five dynamic women and what a perfect time to tell you their story. Tamara Myles, Beth Williamson Ruse, Michele McPhee, Lyn Dillies and Tricia White are part of our Women’s History Month Speaking Series. Each women has a unique story of how they can help your group or organization with their skill set and talent in their profession.

Tamara Myles is a productivity consultant and author. She provides individuals and organizations with tools and strategies to take control of your life and achieve your goals. Today, there are so many distractions which keep us from completing tasks, as well as staying focused and motivated. This type of disorganization creates stress because goals and objectives aren’t achieved. Tamara covers 5 points in her Peak Productivity Pyramid Model – Physical Organization, Electronic Organization, Time Management, Activity-Goal Alignment and Possibility.

Beth Williamson Ruse is a mine body medicine practitioner. Her specialty is helping integrate practical, proven stress management strategies into the lives of hard-working, successful professionals. She leads trainings to a wide-range of corporations, organizations and non-profits with a focus on stress management, resilience, mindfulness and wellness. Essentials of Stress Management teaches practical strategies backed by science. You can’t reduce stress but you can manage it.

Michele McPhee is a veteran crime journalist and best-selling author. She is presently reporting on the coverage of the Marathon Bombing trial for ABC. Michele speaks about Women in a Man’s World where she has worked in a male dominated industry and how she created opportunity for success. She also speaks about Lessons in Internet Safety while referencing Neil Entwistle and the Craigslist Killer. She provides valuable information on staying safe in the digital age.  

Lyn Dillies is an internationally recognized illusionist and author. Lyn presents a program called Your Vote is Magic! It is educational, entertaining and empowering. She teaches abut civic responsibility and the power of voting. She goes through history: The Origin of the Party Mascots, the 15th Amendment,  The Women’s Suffrage Movement, The 17th and the 26th Amendments. This is true entertainment with magic and voter education.

Tricia White is a social media and branding trainer. Tricia presents a Linkedin session that teaches participants about the broadness and importance of their professional portfolio. The Linkedin network is no longer a place to just put your resume. It incorporates presentations, videos and projects as well as recommendations and endorsements, crucial to your skills and influences.

If you are looking for programs that have strategies for successful outcomes, these five women have the tools you need. Whether teaching women about working in a man’s world, understanding that it is your civic responsibility to vote, managing stress, increase productivity or enhancing your professional work portfolio, we have the speakers that will foster change.

For more information on booking these programs, please speak with Ken Abrahams at 781.436.3187.  The author’s books can be included in the packages.