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Leadership Speakers for College Students, Parents and Faculty

Educational Speaker Needs

Colleges and universities provide valuable educational opportunities for their students, parents and faculty. Having a dynamic speaker at events can make all the difference when creating environments that foster growth, leadership, trust and effective communication. Here are some ideas for ways to utilize our FUN speakers in educational capacities:

1. Student and Parent Orientations

Our speakers have worked in the educational field for many years. They have worked with students, faculty, staff and parents. Beginning with student and parent orientations, our speakers can explain to your students and parents the expectations and realities of college life.

2. Student Life and Leadership

Our speakers work very closely with the student activity groups from colleges and universities helping them to craft leadership programs that teach students about goal setting, vision, assertion and non assertion, meeting planning and conflict resolution.

3. Greek Life

Sorority and fraternity groups call on our speakers for leadership and goal setting. They also discuss personality traits and positive change, going after what matters.

4. Departmental Discussions

There are times when the heads of departments lean on us for speakers that can discuss current events, changes in culture, career opportunities, social responsibility and “life after college”.  Our speakers are seasoned in all of these areas and we can find the right speaker for your subject area.

5. Faculty Mentoring

Our speakers also consult, they can mentor staff and faculty in a number of different ways. From leadership to motivation, our speakers can work with your faculty members to help bring out their utmost potential. Strong leaders build trust and get amazing results.

6. True Colors Assessment

Michael Miller is certified as a True Colors Awareness Facilitator. By taking a True Colors Assessment Test you can identify your personality traits allowing you to gain deeper insights, specific descriptions, fun facts and a full spectrum of True Color traits. This will show your personality style and how you come across to others. This information can help to strengthen your communication skills and reduce conflicts leading to an increase in overall effectiveness.

Leadership Speakers for Colleges and Universities