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Leadership Programs for Greek Life

Whether a sorority or fraternity there are a few things we know, it’s students managing students. This task can be daunting if you don’t have the skills or strategic tools to lead and manage the group. Sometimes the leaders and members of these organizations need some objective guidance. Michael Miller can work with your Greek Life organizations in many capacities; leadership, motivation, conflict, recruitment, authority, brainstorming and working with administration.

If you are looking for training sessions and they are not listed, please contact us as we can create sessions specific to your group’s goals, objectives and needs.

Managing Dysfunctional Group Behaviors

Some people’s behavior takes energy away from the chapter. This session will explore those behaviors and provide the chapter with ways to not only manage the behavior, but improve it!

Manners for Greek Leaders

Are manners only for the country club set? Not in this session. We will learn common ways of interacting sure to increase communication, positive relationships and effectiveness. From the national banquet to the annual formal, manners are a must.


Need a boost? Through an interactive activity, members will see their strengths in a dramatic way. In addition, we’ll explore theories of motivation that will last all year long.

Power and Authority

What role does power play in your chapter? Let’s look at the types of power often exhibited and the best way for the leader to use this knowledge to bring about the maximum effectiveness of the chapter.

Recruiting Successful Members

In Greek life, nothing can be done without high quality members. Let’s look at the conditions and public relations that will most likely attract these people to your organizations.

Task Analysis for Greek Chapters

Does your chapter have great ideas, but lack the skills to operationalize them? Let’s turn those ideas into a set of actions your chapter can take to make them a reality.

Unlocking Your Creativity

Creativity can be a powerful tool to advance your chapter’s agenda. Do you use the tool wisely? In this session, we’ll explore ways that creativity can create new opportunities and traditions.

Values and Ethics for Greek Leaders

What role do values have for Greek Leadership? In this session, we’ll discuss how personal and chapter values can effect a leader’s success and the longevity of the organization.

Working with Administration

Learning how to work with others who are not our peers is an important leadership skill. We’ll explore different perspectives that can get both groups seeing eye to eye.

Speakers for Greek Life Organizations