Corporate Speaking Topics

Our FUN Speakers are asked to speak in corporate environments on a number of business topics. Our corporate leadership topics are broken into  8 categories which involve different types of business skills. If you don’t find a topic listed, please contact us and we can look into creating a program that best suits your organization and staff.

Skill Building and Personal Improvement

Goal Setting and Planning – Identify goals and create strategies to review and evaluate them.

Manners for Leaders – Common ways of interaction that will increase communication, positive relationships and all around effectiveness.

The Challenge of Long Distance Supervision – Strategies to making working with others over distance more effective and productive

The Space Between: Using Your Personal Power – Explore being better “in the moment.” Insure you are living your vision, values and mission.

Getting What You Want From Life – Effective ways to get what you want.

Team Development

Ice Breaker – Getting Started – Team building activities that keep participants interacting while becoming strongly connected.

Managing Dysfunctional Group Behaviors – Explore dysfunctional group behaviors and find ways to manage and improve them.

Motivation – Need a boost? An interactive activity where participants will see their strengths in a dramatic new way.

Team Building: You’re the Architect – Theories of team building will be provided as well as modeling in leading team building activities.

The Card Exercise: Finding Our Common Goals – This session will get your group to get to the top five common values in meeting your mission.

The Headband Experiment: Understanding Others – Illustrate understanding others and provide strategies to handle different groups.

Continuous Improvement

Brainstorming and Mapping – Explore the brainstorming process as well as mapping – another way to generate ideas and organize them well.

Customer Service – Foundations on how to approach customers and then look at ways to handle irate or difficult ones.

Evaluation: A Practical Approach – Using your organization’s goals, we’ll discuss a method for evaluation that makes it easier to evaluate your efforts.

Unlocking Your Creativity – We’ll explore ways that creativity can create new opportunities.

Leadership Training and Development

Assertion and Constructive Confrontation – Let’s learn a framework for communication that leaves both parties (non-assertive and constructive) satisfied.

Conflict Management – Conflict is an important way we can come to better decisions and ideas – if we manage it correctly. Let’s make conflict positive.

Delegation and Retention – How do we retain quality people in our organization and still give them important and challenging work.

Leadership: Types and Styles – Hands on or hands off? Using an instrument to explore leadership styles, we will learn to employ the right style at the right time.

Managing Multiple Priorities – Strategies for task review (which do I do first?) and analysis so we can get it all done.

Power and Authority – Investigate types of power exhibited within the organization and the best way for a leader to use it for maximum effectiveness of team members.

Recruiting Successful Volunteers – Conditions and public relations that will most likely attract volunteers to your team.

True Colors Personal Success Seminars – Our speaker, Michael Miller, is certified in the True Colors Personal Success Seminars.

Facilitation – In areas of Motivation, Leadership, Assertiveness and Constructive Confrontation, Conflict Resolution, Visioning and Goal Setting, Values and Mission Exploration, Getting What You Want Out of Your Time and Your Life.

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